Leadership is a progressive art. One that continues to evolve as society, cultures and times change. Being a leader in 2022 requires different knowledge, skills and a different approach than it did some years ago. We’ve conducted some research and put together 3 of the most popular tips for leadership in 2022.

 Diversity and inclusion:

One of the most talked about leadership topics in the 21st century is diversity and inclusion. With consumers taking their business to companies with proven commitment to diversity and inclusion (D&I). Companies are looking for ways to ensure that it is imbedded in the company and not just practiced at a surface level. 

Enabling diverse career paths across roles and regions is one of the most common steps a company can take. Don’t limit your employees, our research showed that the new generation of workers are looking for roles that give them room for growth and development. Implementing D&I throughout the employee experience such as offering internal gigs and flexible work arrangements to improve inclusion, growth, and trust can also help you achieve this.

Take a look at your current structure and see what you can change on a role-by-role basis, or on a departmental level. 

Team building:

Enhancing social relations, defining roles within teams and utilising collaborative tasks are key elements of team building.

Great leaders are more commonly judged by the effectiveness, loyalty, and productivity of the people they lead rather than personal achievements. Leadership is defined as the action of leading a group of people or an organisation. Every leader wants to meet KPIs and have a productive team, so leaders should focus on building their team up and providing them with all they need to succeed.

Here’s 4 things you can do to build your team.

  1. Training, make sure new and old team members have adequate training sessions. Always have two team members who know how to do the important tasks. If one is away, you will always have someone to keep the team’s work moving forward.
  2. Define Success, give your team members clear goals and be sure to celebrate successes and deal with failures together.
  3. Create a positive work environment and culture. No one wants to work in a depressing environment. Most organisations will have a set of values that reflect their company vision and are embedded in the organisational culture. A positive work culture can increase engagement and productivity in the workplace, as employees feel part of the bigger picture and understand how they as an individual are contributing to the company’s success.

Leading different generations:

Developing true leadership capabilities requires an understanding of the team and individuals you are leading. One of the common mistakes leaders make, is leading a multigenerational team or workforce using a blanket approach. The first step is to identify which generations you are working with. Let’s look at the current 5 working generations

Traditionalists – born in 1945 and before

Baby Boomers – born between 1946 and 1964

Generation X – born between 1965 and 1976

Millennials – born between 1977 and 1995

Generation Z – born in 1996 and after

Once you’ve identified the generations you’re working with the next step is to identify their strengths, so you can have an understanding and share the strengths of each generation amongst your team members. Current research indicates that the majority of conflicts arise from the value differences of the age groups rather than the actual age difference itself. Secondly, be sure to adapt your leadership style for each generation. Lastly, leading based on your value systems may not always work, always manage with a consideration of the employee’s values, for example a baby boomer may value long work hours and want the employee to stay after 5pm, whereas a GenZ may value work-life balance and leave at 5pm on the dot.

Here’s a link to a useful article, which should help you navigate through a multigenerational team: Click here

Effective leadership can go a long way to keeping your team motivated and ensuring they are productive. If you would like to find out more about leadership in 2022, contact us via [email protected].