Secret Santa Finance

Secret Santa: Gift ideas for Finance Professionals

Left it to the last minute and looking for gift inspiration for your Secret Santa this year? Well, don’t worry we have come up with some gift ideas for Finance Professionals that you could send to your Secret Santa this year.

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Christmas Candy Canes

Should you stop your job search over Christmas?

As Christmas trees begin to go up and the sparkly lights start to get switched on, it can only mean one thing. It’s December! However, does that mean you should stop your job search over Christmas?

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How can a recruiter help

How can a recruiter help me with my job search?

We recently asked our LinkedIn network: “What is the main service you use a recruiter for?” A whopping 94% of you responded with “Finding a job”. 

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Busy pedestrian crossing

Tips on how to navigate a crowded job market

Back in March 2020, the job market was booming with the highest recorded rates of employment.

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Westminster London

What is the current employment market like?

JasperRose Consultants are asked by both employers and job seekers on a daily basis, “what is the current employment market like?”

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Returning to work from furlough

Tips for returning to work after furlough

It is fair to say that Coronavirus has created both uncertainty and confusion around the job market. According to HMRC, around 9.6 million jobs were furloughed.

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Autumnal Leaves

Managing your team through change

In the current job market employers are having to make difficult decisions to adapt to the ever-changing environment and manage their team through change.

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Cupcake Sprinkles

8 ways to recognise and reward your employees from home

With many adapting to the ‘new normal’, working from home has provided a variety of benefits and challenges.

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Zoom Meeting

How to conduct a video interview for employers

Due to the emergence of Covid-19, not only has the way people work now changed but so too has the recruitment process.

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Working from home

5 Tips for Starting a New Job Remotely

Working from home (WFH) has seen a sharp increase in popularity and desirability. But what about starting a new job remotely?

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Outplacement Service Image

Outplacement for Employers

JasperRose are dedicated to supporting both employers having to make the tough decisions to make redundancies as well as individuals who have been made redundant or are currently going through the redundancy process.

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What are the benefits of contract work?

There are a variety of different benefits of contract work. If you find yourself in a position where you are immediately available, contracting can be a great option to trial new working environments.

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We’ve moved!

It’s our moving day! Today is a big day for the JR team. We are leaving our lovely Bank offices where we’ve made so many amazing memories and heading over to our sparkling new offices in Holborn!

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8 Tips to Improve your Sleep Quality

In these unprecedented and challenging times, many have found their sleep quality has reduced.

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