It’s a new year and with it comes a host of new opportunities and the infamous new year resolutions. By now, hopefully, you have set out what you want to achieve this year. Statistics show that the majority of people give up on their resolutions by January 19th. Not long is it? 

If you want to be outside that statistic, we have a few tips to help.

Bitesize Goals

We understand that long-term goals can seem far off. So breaking your goal down into bite-size chunks goals will help stay on track. Try setting yourself monthly or bi-weekly goals to help you maintain a sense of achievement as you work towards your goal.  Review these goals on a monthly or bi-weekly basis and amend them if they turn out to be unrealistic or over-ambitious rather than giving up on them. 


Using this tool is a great way to help set out your goals (again in any aspect of your life). It will help you to reflect on what the reality of this goal is now and work out your options to be able to reach the goal. GROW stands for:

  • Goal: What is your goal?
  • Reality: What is the current reality?
  • Options: What are your options (or obstacles)?
  • Will: What will you do?

Once you have planned what you will do, it is important to continually check in as to what the reality is and continue to remind yourself what you have committed to doing in order to reach your goal.

Wheel of Life  

This technique gives you a visual representation of your present compared with the way you would like your life to be.  

  1. Brainstorm 6-8 areas of your life that are important to you and write these on each spoke of the wheel (the below gives some examples).
  2. Consider each area in turn and give each area a mark out of 10 (0 is low and 10 is high) as to how satisfied you are with this area in your life. Mark this number as an X on the spoke it relates to.
  3. Join up the X’s 
  4. Using a new wheel of life template or a different coloured pen on the same wheel of life, mark where out of 10 you would like to get to in 2021 for each of the areas.
  5. Finally, work out how you will get to this number, what actions will you take? E.g., if your health currently sits at 5, what will you do next year to get to an 8? Write these down so you can refer back to them.

Re-adjust your goals

Be prepared for change. As the year progresses there will inevitably be some curveballs thrown at you. Don’t allow them to throw you off course. Be prepared to adjust your goals and keep moving forward. 

Finally, as we all know it is very easy to let goals slip.

Making yourself accountable is important If you want to achieve the goals you actually have to take steps to do so. Diarise time each month to check in with these goals. Ask yourself, how far have I progressed with my goals? What do I need to do next month to ensure I am a step further to reaching my goal?

If you would like to discuss your goals or if progressing within your finance career and changing your job is one of your 2022 goals, please do get in touch and follow us on LinkedIn to see all our latest updates.