Employees are the heart of any business. Providing them with the right tools and support to succeed is important. High performing and high-potential employees have to be sustained and groomed to succeed. We have put together a list of some of the top 5 things employees need to be successful.


The opportunity for growth is a prerequisite for improving employee productivity. People become more motivated when they can develop their skills and move up the ladder.  Finding ways to give your team ample opportunity to expand their capabilities in new areas and effective delegation are steps any business and leader can take to build successful employees.

Clear Expectations and Goals

Give your employees a clear understanding of their roles, responsibilities and objectives. One on one and group sessions will help the team know what is required of them as well as what support is available to them. Always remember, this isn’t a one-time event. Do it periodically throughout the year: monthly to quarterly.  Most performance problems come from a lack of clear expectations or goals and a lack of recognition.

A Good Manager

Generally, people want to be great and if they aren’t, management may the obstacle. Listen to your team’s ideas and get them involved in fixing problems. Coach effectively and regularly, so that all team members always know where they stand-good or bad. When they bring you a problem, don’t immediately try to solve it for them. Ask, what have you done so far? What do you think should be done? Teach them to think through and solve their own problems.

Staff Development

On-going training is a must to maintain current job skills, but even more importantly to up-skill your current employees. The best companies usually give employees 40-60 hours of training and education each year and some cover the costs. Having multi-skilled employees not only increases productivity, it also significantly reduces staff turnover.

 Performance evaluation and recognition

It should be noted that when employees go the extra mile or work hard to acheive individual, team or company goals, some form of recognition should be made. People that feel good about what they do will be motivated to do it well- or even better. Since recognition is the number one requirement of employees these days, you need to make sure to provide it to them.

Successful employees contribute significantly to successful teams and companies, and managers have a significant part to play in ensuring their subordinates are well taken care of. If you would like any further information on training and maintaining successful employees, please do contact us via [email protected].