As we draw closer to the Christmas holidays; it’s common for people to want to stay in their current roles till the new year comes. With the new year comes a new drive, new targets, and a lot of people will have career progression or new career goals. So how do you prepare yourself for that dream job at a time when you’re not actively looking for a new role? We have a few tips to help you.

Tip 1: Be an Active LinkedIn User.

Statistics show that 3 people are hired through LinkedIn every minute. A good profile and actively using LinkedIn are key contributors to being sourced. Be sure to include details on your experience education, skills, certifications, and associations. Remember this is an online version of your CV but you do not need to include as much detail as you would on your profile.

Change your status to “Open to work” – by clicking on the “open to” button under your LinkedIn picture, you will then be able to show recruiters you are “open to work”. No one in your organisation will be able to see you are “open to work”, it will simply allow recruiters and Talent Acquisition teams who use the most premium version of LinkedIn to know that you are open to being contacted. This will increase your chances of being approached about roles, without you having to do any proactive work.

Post & Interact – Regularly posting, sharing, liking, and commenting on content will help you stay at the ‘top of mind’ with your professional network.

Networking – this is useful when the time to move comes. Build your network based on your desired next career steps. Remember not to just add random people, it’s useful to have people you know in your network so they can write recommendations and endorse your skills. Joining relevant LinkedIn groups will also help you to network strategically as they are a good source for networking contacts.

Recommendations – Be sure to get written recommendations from your contacts/ former employers, it’s like having public references and also do the same for any colleagues you have worked with or companies you have worked for. 

The above pointers will help you develop a strong personal brand presence. One that will work to your advantage as you passively seek a new job.

Tip 2: Target Companies.

Have a list of target companies and keep an eye out for any jobs you might be interested in. Check their company websites occasionally or follow their LinkedIn page in case they post your dream job.

Tip 3: Have a CV ready to go

Always have an up-to-date CV that’s ready to go. Make sure your experience, education, and achievements are always up-to-date. You can then tailor this CV according to the role you are applying for. JasperRose has numerous tips to help you write your CV in an effective way, reach out for more information.

  • Know what your key drivers are, what is essential to you, and what is desirable in your next role. Don’t waste time interviewing for roles that aren’t ticking those essential boxes
  • Make sure you can confidently talk about your biggest career achievements to date
  • Prepare to confidently talk about your 5-year plan
  • Have basic interview questions ready to ask (you can then tailor these to the role)

To conclude, revisiting the above tips every so often will not only help you passively look for a new job. It will also get you ready and give you a personal advantage when the right job does come along. For more detailed LinkedIn, CV, and Interview advice, please contact [email protected]