After a very challenging 2020 for us all and despite the lockdown news this week, we are very excited and positive about what this year will bring to JasperRose.

As we reflect on 2020, we wanted to take this time to wish you a very happy, successful and prosperous 2021. Thank you for supporting us over the last year.

Reflecting on 2020

2020 was certainly one of the toughest years we have faced in our combined 22 years of recruitment experience and 5 years of leading JasperRose. Whilst it has been devastating to watch some of our networks careers stall, lots of our client’s growth plans delayed and sadly some companies, of whom we have had longstanding relationships with, having no other option but to close, we have felt:

  • Humbled by the sense of community that we have witnessed (from people proactively helping ex-colleagues, strangers and friends of friends to secure new roles, to teams supporting each other like never before)
  • Proud of how businesses and employees have adapted to remote working, it’s been really inspirational
  • Amazed by how quickly businesses have pivoted into the digital world and reacted to the changes that needed to happen

With the resilience, determination and adaptive nature that our network has shown, we are proud to be working with you all. We look forward to continuing to work together again this year and are hopeful that it will be a much better year for us all.

The Up’s

For JasperRose, we have had lots of ups and downs. The ups have included building a stronger team of staff, moving to beautiful new offices (we can’t wait to get back to them) as well as being able to support so many companies and candidates throughout this difficult period. We feel honoured by the loyalty both have shown to our business. We have had the time, that we wouldn’t have normally had, to update our website, internal processes and infrastructure. As a business, we feel in a stronger position than ever. Most importantly, we came together as a team, believed in ourselves and worked harder and better at what we are known for, to provide the best service we could and we are extremely proud of this.

And the Down’s

Some of the most difficult decisions for us were, accepting our growth plans had to be stalled, delaying opening up a 2nd office, as well as adapting quickly enough for our team to work from home. One of the biggest lessons we have learnt when navigating through the uncertainty was not celebrating the small wins better, something we definitely should have done.

Week 1 of 2021 and we are excited and optimistic about what the next 12 months has in store. We are very much looking forward to continuing the journey with you all.

Kristy Jasper & Rosie O’Callaghan

Director & Co-Founders at JasperRose

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