Hiring for your finance team can be a daunting task. But doing it right can be crucial to the success of your organisation, especially bearing in mind the core financial responsibilities that accounting teams have. As experts in recruiting financial talent at all levels, we have put together these top strategies to help you with attracting and hiring the best talent for your accounting team.

Promote a strong employer brand, culture, and benefits

Your employer brand is how you present your company to potential candidates. Highlighting your company culture, values and benefits is a great way to attract top talent. It is a well-known fact that millennials value company culture more than any generation that has come before them. In the aftermath of lockdown, this has only become truer across candidates of all generations, with ever-increasing talk about work-life-balance and mental health appearing in media.

“Companies with a robust culture have up to a 72% higher employee engagement than those whose cultures are misaligned or need improvement.”


In terms of attracting candidates, even with the name of a strong employer brand behind you, it is important to place benefits and company culture at the forefront of your finance job specs to entice new candidates to choose your organisation. As recruiters in the finance space, we have seen candidates accept lower offers in favour of an enticing employer brand, company culture, and benefits.

Utilize social media (to its maximum potential!):

Social media is a powerful tool for attracting candidates. Use platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to post job openings, showcase your company culture, and engage with potential candidates.

We would recommend that you think about the demographic and seniority of candidates that you are looking to attract before investing heavily in a specific platform. For example, TikTok is known as a great resource for hiring junior members of staff internally and for brand recognition, but to hire a more senior member of staff a platform like LinkedIn may have more success. Creating tailored content that conveys your company culture and requirements will have a higher success rate than sharing similar content across all platforms.

It is worth taking into account that there are ways to optimise your job ads on all of these platforms, and if you are struggling to attract candidates, we would recommend seeking professional advice in this area, such as contacting a recruiter like us for assistance.

Partner with a recruiter:

…which brings us to our last point. A recruiter can help you navigate the competitive job market and find the best finance talent for your organization. They can also provide valuable insights into hiring trends and help you develop a strong employer brand.

A lot of the time, the cost of a recruiter may turn out to be less than the cost of the internal labour and time spent trying to recruit for a hard-to-fill role. Recruiters are experts in their fields, so they will also take less time to hire and save you the stress of onboarding. If you’re looking to attract or hire finance talent at any level, our mission at JasperRose is to go above and beyond to help our clients to find top finance leaders. We are always here to be your experts and to deliver on your hiring needs.

In Conclusion:

Candidates really do care about company culture, values, and benefits. So, in order to stand out in the market and create some really enticing job adverts, it is important to highlight those things. Using the right social media platforms are also key. Showcasing that company culture to social media users at the right seniority will attract high quality candidates, and these figures improve the more tailored you are.

Overall, by implementing these strategies, you can attract and hire the best finance talent for your organization. And if you’re struggling to find top candidates, consider partnering with a recruiter to help you find the right fit.