In the current job market employers are having to make difficult decisions to adapt to the ever-changing environment and manage their team through change.

If making redundancies is one of those decisions, it is important to support your employees on their next move. From providing emotional support to your employee to helping with their career transition, here are some tips on how you can manage your team through change to help support them through this challenging time.


1. Provide them with a written reference

Writing a reference will help a candidate back up their experience which can be passed onto future or potential employers

2. LinkedIn testimonial

Provide the employee with a written LinkedIn testimonial. This will help them to promote their skills, previous experience and work ethic.

3. Reach out to your network

Get in touch with people who you may know who are looking for new talent and make a recommendation

4. Become a mentor

Mentor and advise them on what might be the right direction for their next role.

5. Agency referral

Refer them to an agency where they can receive CV tips and LinkedIn advice.

6. Outplacement service

If you need further help and advice on supporting your employees through these challenging times, JasperRose is currently offering an Outplacement Service. Take a look here.

Managing your team through change and letting go of employees is always a tough decision. Supporting your employees and offering them with an outplacement service can help them resettle 50% faster than those who do not receive an outplacement service.

By offering your employee help and support, not only are you doing a good deed but you are providing them with the opportunity to leave with positive thoughts of your company. This can help to protect your brand reputation and boost morale amongst the existing team who may fear they are vulnerable too.